Streamlining creativity and managing expectations

We believe structure can aid creativity. And whilst it’s true that no two clients are the same – our approach to a new projects usually follows a similar structure.

We always start with the discovery meeting. This involves a face-to-face meeting (or video call) and gives us a chance to better understand you and your unique challenges. Following our initial meeting we will proceed with the next phase – the scope of the work.

The scope contains a definition of the problem, what success looks like and what the time frame for delivery is. We usually present this in a document knows as the Statement of Work (SoW). The concept phase is all about getting our ideas down on paper and it’s usually at this stage that we’ll start sharing some of the concepts with you. Regular feedback is important for most projects as it keeps both parties focused and engaged.

We sometimes get it right on the first presentation but often we’ll need to go back to the drawing board. Reiterations are part of the design process. If our presentation is successful and we get sign-off from you, we’ll proceed to the final phase – delivery.

All deliveries agreed on in the SoW document are presented to you (including bespoke training too, if required).



We believe structure can aid creativity. And whilst it’s true that no two clients are the same – our approach to a new projects usually follows a similar structure.




Ideally a meeting in person. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic we have been meeting over Zoom or similar online solution. The meeting usually lasts between 45 – 90 minutes, during which we will ask questions about your business, your brand, goals and pain points. Basically – how Monologue can help you –  specifically.




After the meeting your brief is deconstructed and dissected in detail. We don’t leave anything to chance. Every aspect of your project is considered – requirements, opportunities, challenges and of course cost. A final proposal is drafted and delivered to you for approval.




Following approval on the proposal, we move swiftly to the concept stage. Depending on what’s being delivered (brand identity, website, ad campaigns or something else) we will start sketching down ideas – anything is allowed at this stage.




Once we’ve exhausted all angles in the concept phase, we’ll present a number of polished designs for feedback. Your comments and input feeds the next iterations. We keep going until we hit the sweet spot.




This is it – we have successfully completed the work and now it’s time to deliver the final files. We will set you up with all relevant files and support material that you need to start using your new brand / website / campaign etc. Depending on the aftercare and support plan selected, we will be there with you, making sure you get the most out of your investment.


Frequently asked questions

These are a selection of some of the most common questions we are asked. If your question isn’t here, don’t worry. Just click the button below, fill in the form and we will respond, usually within 24 hours.


In short – your brand is the perception of your business. Your logo is a part of that.


There’s no short answer for this unfortunately. Every business is unique, and so every solution we develop is too. If you want to know a ball park figure, please use the contact form and we’ll get back to you.


This depends completely on the project. We’ve done re-brands in less than 4 weeks and some projects have been ongoing for more than a year.


Yes, probably. We’re a small business too and like working with other small businesses. If you have a budget in mind, use the contact form and we’ll let you know.


No. We have clients in many countries. Assuming the language is not a barrier we don’t mind where you are!


Yes and yes. We have a professional photographer in the studio and when it comes to copy we work closely with some of the best copywriters in Ireland.


Not necessarily. Although we prefer to host any website we design and develop on our own servers, we have worked with clients with their own hosting. Before starting, we will need to confirm the quality of the hosting environment, to ensure it’s suitable for the work required.